Chantilly Virginia MetroBath Showroom Style

Update: The Chantilly location has moved to Annandale (September 2014). Come see our newly expanded location. The entire second floor is dedicated to Accessible Bathroom Ideas! Metropolitan Bath and Tile’s Chantilly Design Center is brimming with favorite looks for showers, vanities, tile and tubs! Just a peek around the floor is enough to get your own […]

A Bathroom for Two

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and so do people’s schedules & grooming needs. If your master bathroom or main bathroom is large enough consider Metropolitan Bath & Tile creating a design for you that’s comfortable for two people to use at once – and not have to wait for “their turn”.

Elements of Today’s Contemporary Bathroom

A bathroom whose style is deemed “Contemporary” is one that is modern and fashionable with the newest in materials – or traditional materials used in a new and surprising way. There is no set template – your imagination is your guide.

Silestone – Quite Possibly the Perfect Bathroom Surface

Imagine a bathroom surface that resists stains, scratches and heat, it is available in a tasteful selection of colors, textures and edge finishes…and, is so protected against germs, mildew, and microbes that your bathroom stays cleaner longer. We’ve just described Silestone®. It’s made of 94% natural quartz – that makes it hard but earth-friendly. It’s […]

Furniture Base Options For Bathroom Vanities

Have you ever wondered why some bathroom designs look more like comfortable extensions of the adjoining living space than utility bathrooms? Learn more about how important the choices involving the base of your vanity is in bathroom design.

Bathroom Countertop Options

A Wide Array of Countertop Choices for Bathroom Remodeling You’re going to remodel your bathroom, but what makes a good countertop choice? Waterproof , stain resistant, attractive countertop materials give you unlimited possibilities for your bathroom design. If you use heated, hair appliances you may look for heat-resistance. If it’s an area where makeup is […]

Shower & Tub Enclosures

Glass doors You’ve picked out the most fabulous tile for your new bathroom so the last thing you want to do is hide it. Tempered glass shower enclosures are a modern and almost invisible way of keeping your shower water where it belongs. There are two basic types to choose from: frameless and framed. Frameless […]

Bathroom Lavatory Sinks-Installation Types.

Bathroom sinks can set the tone in any bathroom remodeling. What you choose will probably depend on how much you need to store in your bathroom. They can receive hard use in the main bath or just sit and shine in a power room but are functional pieces just the same. Bathroom sinks are also […]

Choosing Inspiring Color for Your Bathroom

You’ve chosen a perfect design layout for your new bathroom remodeling with Metropolitan Bath and Tile. What’s next? Color. Your choice of color is very important for the bathroom – or any room – because it has a psychological effect.  The bathroom is a functional room, though – a personal place to get ready for […]

Bathroom Design Makeover Tips

Here’s just a few makeover tips and ideas to consider when it’s time to remodel that old bathroom decor of yours…