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Escape To A Functional Luxury Bathroom

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Metropolitan Bath and Tile knows that the modern luxury bath of today is not just gorgeous but tends to be customized to the personal tastes of the homeowner with a strong accent on functionality. If your lifestyle feels like a high-speed chase all day you’re probably looking for a place to retreat and unwind – and the best place is at home – especially if  it’s not always easy to escape to the gym or find the time or money for a spa-getaway.

If you feel you need a peaceful sanctuary to slow down in, Metropolitan Bath and Tile recommends the luxury bath. Add the fact that with an aging population and most people’s default choice will be to “age in place”, it makes perfect sense that the bathroom is the first place they want to improve – with space, efficiency, and functionality. People that want to stay in their homes for the long-run are investing in luxury bathrooms. After all, you spend so much time in them, make it an experience. A fabulous bathroom has a calming effect on you, just like a spa – only you can go there on your schedule. Usually, the first room you visit when you wake up is the bathroom – even before the kitchen.

So what should be in this dream bathroom?

Everyone wants a large, luxurious shower – it’s the emerging trend in bathrooms.

Express yourself with your favorite natural tile with accent niches or the popular look of mosaic tile, so it’s elegant.

Add Universal Design safety features like gleaming grab bars and resting benches, and a barrier-free entrance so your bathroom will serve you into your later years.

Ramp up the invigoration with multiple shower heads and body sprays that feel like a waterfall but are really water-savers in disguise.

Cozy up with heated floors and quiet fans.

Add gorgeous, furniture-like cabinets for your vanity and  abundant linen storage so clutter is non-existent and you have ample counter space.

Pamper yourself with well-planned, fashionable lighting and every day will be a beautiful day.

Technology is playing a factor in the evolving luxury bathroom of today so ask your designer at Metropolitan Bath and Tile to educate you on the newest features available – they can save you money on utilities while contributing to your relaxation quest at the same time.

Whether your luxury dream bath is modern or traditional Metropolitan Bath and Tile, the #1 residential bathroom remodeling specialist in the country*,  is your source for knowledgeable designers of talent. Their team of quality installers is unsurpassed in skill and are all employees.  Metropolitan Bath and Tile’s 10-year warranty on installed bathroom products will give you peace of mind that quality is built in and your luxury bath will last.

So retreat, relax and de-stress in a newly remodeled luxury bath created by MetroBath – just for you. Four showrooms in the Baltimore, Washington, and Northern Virginia areas are there to inspire you – it’s easy to get started. “Bathrooms, it’s what we do, it’s all we do.”

*2012 Qualified Remodeler Magazine Top 500 Remodelers.

Remodeling Your Bathroom With A Tempered Glass Shower Enclosure

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Metropolitan Bath and Tile can design the perfect frameless shower door for your new bathroom remodel.


When considering the details of your bathroom remodel at Metropolitan Bath and Tile be sure to discuss tempered-glass shower enclosures with your designer. They are an elegant and stylish way of keeping water where it belongs. They’re adaptable to many different types of shower spaces, easy to clean, and can actually help make a bathroom feel larger with their transparency. They blend seamlessly with any style.

You can remodel your bathroom with: framed, frameless or semi-frameless shower enclosures. Frameless systems are popular because of their clean look, but they require thicker glass and more substantial hardware. Framed systems are stronger and cost less and can use lighter-weight glass. Be sure to visit our photo gallery to see the different looks you can achieve…

Both framed and frameless enclosures require hardware –  the difference is that frameless hardware is a lot less noticeable – your glass seems to float. Besides choosing a finish for the hardware, you’ll also need to determine whether the enclosure door will slide or hinge.; whether they will be hinged from a wall or from an adjacent glass panel or mounted with top and bottom-mount pivot hinges. Fortunately, track designs for sliding doors have improved considerably over the years.

Some maintenance things to think about: shower stalls require hinged doors that swing outward and can drip water on the floor unless you’ve installed a bottom gutter. You will also need more clearance room for a hinged door than a sliding one. Water spots don’t show up as easily on the various types of patterned or frosted translucent glass panels as they do on clear glass so keep your squeegee handy if you opt for clear.

Installation of frameless doors should always be done by a professional in order to stand up over the years; a MetroBath installation is done by the best crews available in the Washington Metro Area. You know this is true because they offer a 1-year warranty on labor and a 10-year warranty on all their products in their bathrooms – the longest warranty you’re going to find in the business.

Get your new bathroom designed and installed by the best team in the bathroom remodeling business, Metropolitan Bath and Tile. It’s a good feeling to know you’re in competent hands. With the experience accumulated from 10’s of 1000’s of bathroom remodels –  your MetroBath designer & crew will make sure that new bathroom (with its gorgeous glass shower doors) perfectly translates your ideas and fits in with that all-important budget you have to work with.  Be sure to stop by a MetroBath showroom in Maryland or Northern Virginia today.