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Bathroom Renovation Questionnaire

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

design ideas for bathroom remodelingBeginning the process of planning your new bathroom renovation may seem daunting at first – but it’s simple! Just answer these easy questions to narrow down your needs and ideas and you’ll be ready to start your ideal bathroom design at the Metropolitan Bath and Tile Showroom nearest you.

Bathroom Remodeling/Renovation Questionnaire

Where is the bathroom located?

Is it in the master bedroom, hall, basement, guest room, upstairs, off the foyer or family room…?

Who are the primary users of this bath?

It’s important to determine who will be using this bathroom the most: Young or elderly adults, children, teens, or guests?

What is the main purpose for the remodel?

Do you want to update your current bathroom, expand your bathroom, or fix a current problem?

What special features are on your wish list?
What are you missing now that could make your new bathroom remodel that much better? Luxury shower heads & systems, whirlpool, makeup lighting, full mirrors, his and her vanity design, bidet, basin sink, decorative hardware, closet cabinetry, frameless shower doors, floor-to-ceiling designer tile, much more storage, accessible features like walk-in shower with seating bench and grab bars, radiant heating in floor, windows or skylights, motion sensor faucets, easy-clean, home spa features, water/energy savers…?

What color scheme would you prefer?

Visit our online photo gallery of bathroom remodels we’ve created for ideas – or clip pictures from magazines of colors/design that you like of tile, fixtures, cabinetry, paint, tubs, sinks..

When you’re done – bring  your answers and inspiration collection to a Metropolitan Bath and Tile Showroom . Contact us first if you like or just walk in:

Bowie, MD – 301.859.4128  •  Annandale, VA – 703.349.7585
Rockville, MD – 301.685.1754   •  Towson, MD – 1.410.457.7194

Our Metropolitan Bath and Tile Designers are waiting to welcome you and assist you in putting it all together! Our estimators will then give you a free estimate for a quality bathroom renovation and you’ll be loving your new, gorgeous, ideal bathroom in no time! Serving the Washington DC & Baltimore Metro areas – with style!

Last Minute Bathroom Design Checklist

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

design checklist for bathroom remodeling


When you choose Metropolitan Bath and Tile you work with  talented bathroom designers who will create a look that will always exceed your expectations- whether it’s a partial update or a full remodeling.

Your tile, cabinets and tub/shower are the major choices you’ll be making but be sure to consider all the possibilities during the planning process so your bathroom is everything you imagined it could be:

Lighting – don’t be “blue”

Many bathrooms come with builders-grade fluorescent lighting, which discolors everything with a blue tinge and drains your energy. You can opt for color-corrected “daylight’ fluorescent, LED or halogen for a more natural (& flattering) white light. Grooming and makeup application is best done in as natural a light as you can create; especially if you’re lacking in windows. Don’t go for a single light as it creates shadows. Think of layering your lighting with task lighting, ambient (reflective light), accent and decorative lighting that will dress up the bath and rid the room of dark spots.

Fixtures- coordinate your finishes for a polished look

MetroBath designers know that coordinating your metals gives you a pulled-together look. Start by updating the faucet with a new, sleek style in a new finish, such as antique nickel, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or stainless steel.  Look at all your metal in the room—don’t overlook updating the hardware on your cabinets, add towel bars, faucets, showerheads, accessories  – at least in the same tonal range if you don’t like a totally-matched look.

Accessories – use a light touch

Don’t over accessories in your bathroom – let your beautiful new fixtures and tile be the stars. Put away those dust-catching knick-knacks and fake plants. Instead choose one beautiful plant that adds life or a color, such as an orchid. A bathroom is only pristine and peaceful when it’s clutter-free.Choose accessories wisely that are beautiful and functional to pull together your design. Adding complementary or contrasting color towels and cozy bathmats can brighten up your bathroom and create a finished and cohesive look. In addition, accessories such as toothbrush and cup holders, towel bars and soap dishes available in coordinating finishes to match your faucets can add not only style, but additional storage solutions to avoid clutter. Depending on the size of your bathroom space, you may need to limit your choices. Be sure to choose the few that communicate your message effectively while maintaining a clean look and feel.

Easy Clean

Save yourself time and money by investing in quality surfaces that maintain their appearance through the years and stay cleaner longer… like spot resistant faucets that turn on and off with motion sensors and bacteria/stain-resistant quartz countertops  (i.e.Silestone) that wipe up like new in a jiffy. No matter what style you choose for your design – keep it sparkling and waterspot-free for that brand-new look.


Don’t have grab bars in your current bathroom? Add them this time. They add a big measure of safety in a sometimes-slippery room. You can make the bathroom less precarious for all ages with strategically-placed, stylish bars that can coordinate with your fixtures and add stability in the bathroom. If you have room, add a built-in shower bench or install a handy folding or retractable one if you don’t. If you have space you can even add two support bars around your toilet – an appreciated addition for young and old alike.

Adjust the heights of countertops or toilets to fit the comfort of the everyday bathroom visitors in your family – extra comfort if your family is extra tall or petite. Less climbing and reaching for things out of reach means less accidents-  a bathroom designed by MetroBath is always customized with your needs in mind.

Want to do away with one more barrier? Try a curbless shower stall, a popular feature for disability access and stylish in european-style, open showers.

Warmth like a Spa

Hate the cold chill when you step out of the shower? Upgrade with radiant wall tiles,  towel-warmers or in-floor heating systems that install like an electric blanket under your new tile and you’ll have warmer toes in the winter and lower heating bills.

Visit one of our 4 Bathroom Showrooms in Maryland and Northern Virginia and browse our complete bathroom displays to get you started. You’ll discover that your bathroom’s design by Metropolitan Bath and Tile will be professionally planned and executed down to the details that mean the most to you. Start today and mark “dream bathroom” off your checklist.